Golly J – as the name suggests you’ll find Gollies, and lots of ’em – no coffee, tea or biscuits just Gollies,

Golly J Seaford Patchwork Quilting Shop MelbourneAfter several years making and designing Gollies and other Craft goods as a hobby I have been told that I should be sharing them with others so I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do in bringing them to you.

All the easy to follow Patterns and Kits that you will see on the web site and in our brochures are my own original designs.

I’m offering a selection of items from our large range of which more will be available as we produce the patterns and kits, The brochures and web site will be updated regularly as more Gollies and Crafts become available, so keep coming back to be sure you don’t miss out on that “special love that you can gaze upon and say ‘I made that’.”